06 December 2012

Annual End of Year Survey (Part 1)

Happy December, everyone! Can you believe that 2012 is nearly over?! Seriously, I have no idea where the time went. It feels like just yesterday I came up with the idea to start my book blog. 2013 is just around the corner and it’s time to take a look back and do some reflecting on the past year. What better way to do that than by participating in Jamie of the notorious blog, The Perpetual Page Turner’s, Annual End of Year Book Survey? So join in, amigos, and don’t forget to link up! I’d love to see how far we’ve all come this year!

Note: Since Foil the Plot is fairly new, I’ll likely include items not yet reviewed on the blog. Also, because I review both books and cinema, I’ll throw in a few notable films as well. For the sake of length, this survey will be a two-parter.

Best in Books/Movies
1. Best Book/Movie Of 2012?
It's always hard for me to choose favourites since it varies per genre. As far as books go, I'd have to say the ones that affected me most profoundly were The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins and David Levithan's Every Day. These are the ones I'd recommend to anyone and everyone. Honorable mention goes to The Princess Bride by William Goldman, because, hello! It's The Princess Bride!

As far as movies go, I'd say this was a pretty good year and there were many that I thoroughly enjoyed. The top contenders are: The Artist by Michel Hazanavicius, Hysteria by Tanya Wexler and The Hunger Games by Gary Ross. I saw the latter a total of 3 times in the theatre. Yeah. That's love.

2. Book/Movie You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t? 
My expectations seem to be my mortal enemy when it comes to revewing books and movies. I have a terribly bad habit of sending the duds to the doesn't-live-up-to-it's-potential graveyard, all too often. Maybe this calls for a revamp in my expectations?

I think my biggest disappointment of the year bookwise was Guillermo del Toro's The Strain. I'm a huge fan of his movies and I thought his book would share the same level of morbid creepiness. It. Did. Not. I'd say that movie-wise, David Wain's Wanderlust was just a subpar raunchfest that I did not need nor enjoy. It's kind of surprising to see Jennifer Aniston partake in something so low brow.

3. Most Surprising Book/Movie Of 2012? 
I have to be honest here, I was totally blown away by Mind Over Monsters by Jennifer Harlow. I was sort of expecting it to be a Sookie Stackhouse knock-off, but it totally wasn't. It was better!

Initially, I pegged the movie Jeff, Who Lives At Home as your average, run-of-the-mill comedy. Man, was I wrong! This movie was so tender and emotional that it lured a big ol' ugly cry out of me. I was also caught off guard by the darker edge to Jason Reitman's, Young Adult.

4. Book/Movie You Recommend Most In 2012?
You'll start to notice a lot of repetition with this one, but I will forever and always recommend Every Day by David Levithan for reading and The Artist by Michel Hazanavicius for watching. Seriously. Drop what you're doing right now and obtain these things!

5. Best New Series Discovered In 2012?
I'd have to say, by far, The Hunger Games Trilogy dominated my entire year (both book and film versions).

6. Favourite New Author(s) Discovered In 2012?
Wow, there are so many great authors that I've come to know and love thanks to amazing reviews and recomendations of the bookish blogosphere. I'd say Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games Trilogy), David Levithan (Every Day), Libba Bray (The Diviners), and Glen Duncan (The Last Werewolf) are at the top of my list.

7. Best Book/Movie Out Of Your Comfort Zone Or In A New Genre?
I hadn't really read many Contemporary books before I started blogging, but once I heard Levithan speak at the National BookFest, I knew I needed to pick up a copy of Every Day. Best decision I've made this year and I'm now a total genre convert.

I've watched foreign flicks before, but they're not usually my go-to genre. The Artist seriously rocked my world and wins bonus points for being the only silent movie I've seen (aside from Nosferatu, of course).

8. Most Thrilling Book/Movie Of 2012?
I'd have to say Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) and The Bride Collector (Ted Dekker) were some of the more thrilling novels I've read this year. These books made me sweat! I've gotta be honest here, Strippers vs Werewolves sort of takes the cake as my most thrilling film choice. Hey! Don't judge me!

9. Book/Movie Most Likely To Enjoy Again Next Year?
After reading through the praise I've given Every Day and The Hunger Games, you might assume those are the books I'll re-read in 2013; and while that may be true, my answer is actually a little less obvious. At the height of my Hunger Games pandemonium, I unsucessfully tried to love Veronica Roth's Divergent series. Alas, it just wasn't happening so I'm hoping to give it another go.

When it comes to movies, my Hunger Games DVD is dangerously close to being worn out already. Enough said.

10. Best Book Cover?
It's a tie between the whimsicality of the cover of The Book of Lost Things (John Connelly) and the apocalpytic coolness of Survivors (Z.A. Recht).
11. Most Memorable Character Of 2012?
There are many who stick out in my mind, for a variety of reasons, but I'd have to say Evie O'Neill from The Diviners. She's got spunk, moxie and pizazz and I want to be her BFF for forever. So yeah, let's make that happen!

12. The Most Beautifully Written Book/Movie Of 2012?
Hands down, it's Every Day (David Levithan). It made me think, smile and hope against all odds. That's a rare thing these days. With movies, I'd say that Young Adult has it, but it's not beauty in the sense that you think of beauty. This movie is beautiful because of it's harsh honesty and surprising realism.

13. The Most Impactful Book/Movie Of 2012?
I'd have to say my answer to #12 rings true here as well. I can't remember being so deeply moved when reading/watching something before this. Anything that resonates with me like that in a very personal way is always worth noting.

14. The Book You Can't Believe You Waited Until 2012 To Finally Read?
How the hell did I not read The Hunger Games Trilogy before this year?! My life was incomplete and I didn't even know it. Also, I really wish I had known about Neil Gaiman's, American Gods, much sooner! Still contemplating how to review this one, it was THAT good.

15. Favourite Passage/Quote From Something You Read In 2012?
Ooooh, this is tough. Just about every word of Levithan's Every Day is quote-worthy, so I'm going to make it easy and just say read the entire book! I was also really compelled by this passage from, The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater), because it says so much:

"My mind is a jumble of thoughts. That I watched this horse rip a man's throat out only a day ago. That he's the fastest horse on the island. That I'll dishonor my parents' death. That I'm afraid that I'll love it. That I'm afraid I'll be afraid. That I want Sean Kendrick to think well of me. That I need to be able to live with myself at night when I'm lying in bed and thinking about what I've done that day." (pg. 297)

16. Shortest/Longest Book Read In 2012?
Honestly, I don't even really keep track of length when I pick up a book. So long as it's engaging, it doesn't really matter.

17. Book/Movie Scene That You Were Dying To Talk About?
Would it be cheating to say the entire Hunger Games Trilogy had me reeling? Because it totally did. Also, all of the face-melting chase scenes in The Hunt For Atlantis. And the WTF-induced ending of The Maze Runner.

As far as movies go, I'd say Cabin In The Woods had me talking up a storm. That entire movie is ::frantically waves hands in the air:: CRAAAAAZY!  All I'm gonna say is death by unicorn. Let's chat about that one! Also, Magic Mike. Need I say more?
18. Favourite Relationship From A Book Read In 2012?
I'd have to say I really respect Inigo and Fezzik's friendship in The Princess Bride. Look, they might not have started out as the nicest guys on the planet but they're strong, reliable and will go to bat for you when death is on the line. Epic friendships are the best! Anybody want a peanut?
19. Favourite Book By An Author You've Previously Read?
Hmm, this was mainly a year of newbies for me and I'm sad to say, I didn't read too much from the tried and true authors. I thoroughly enjoyed Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child. I'm in love with his Douglas Preston Pendergast Series collaboration and, to date, I haven't been disappointed with any of his works.

20. Best Book/Movie Based SOLELY On A Recommendation?
For movies, hands down it was Cabin In The Woods. To the friends who recommended this one, you really get me, because I loved it! In the bookish world, I'm really glad I listened to Belle and read The Princess Bride. I was so moved by it, in fact, that I wrote my first official book review.

This is the end of Part 1 (books & movies) of the Annual End of Year Survey. Tune back in tomorrow for Part 2 on the blogging bits!


  1. I love that you mentioned The Artist! It was a movie I got to watch when I was on a long flight, and I really liked it. :)

    1. It's the PERFECT movie to watch during a long flight (especially because it doesn't need sound)! I'm so glad you enjoyed it because I was, like, totally moved. That right there is a perfect example of quality filmmaking and I'm so glad it won the Oscar for best film!

  2. Evie was totally the best ever.

    And sighhhhh I still have not watched The Hunger Games yet -- hello life fail.

    AND ALSO I have not read Every Day either although I've got a signed copy, but your love of it is enough to make me want to make it a priority.


    1. We are, like, bookish soul mates April. I can feel it! And yes, get on The Hunger Games (movie) and Every Day, then we'll chat!

  3. I'm probably the only person who haven't read The Hunger Games yet. *hides behind her desk* And I haven't seen the film either - I SO need to read and watch them!!!!

    1. YES! You definitely do. You won't regret it, I promise.

  4. What a fun post and survey! I do remember your loving the book Every Day. I want to watch The Artist and I love princess Bride, the film more than the book. Inigo and Fezzik are great picks for best bookish relationship! The Hunger Games books are pretty great so far, I can't wait to read the last one.

    1. Thanks, Naida! I like the idea of looking back and reflecting on the past year (even if I've only been book blogging for 5 months). So you NEED to see The Artist because it's such a beautiful film. And I agree about Inigo & Fezzik. THAT is a relationship that will stand the test of time!

  5. Ahhh I need to get my hands on Every Day and read it NOW. How can I never have read David Levithan - shameful!

    I have to confess I was a little underwhelmed by The Hunger Games movie, but if it was the way I imagined it, it probably would have had trouble making it past the censors, and I understand the target audience may have been slightly sickened by my version ;-)

    Cabin In the Woods was so much fun, I need to watch it again - LOVED it!

    1. You're like me but with John Green! Seriously though, that book changed my whole outlook on life. It really did.

      I like your way of thinking. See, I saw the movie before I ever read the book which is why I probably enjoyed it so much. I think Gary Ross definitely was trying for something more artsy there. And Cabin in the Woods is easily my favourite horror movie of all time. Yep. I said it.

  6. You have a very unique blog, I'm glad to have found it.

    I LOVE The Princess Bride, both the book and the movie.

    Young Adult looked interesting but I never did get around to seeing it.

  7. Anonymous12/28/2012

    I really want to see The Cabin in the Woods because I LOVE Joss Whedon...but I am afraid of the gore-factor. ::sigh::
    I enjoyed the fact that you included movies in your answers.


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