20 September 2013

TGIF / 32

TGIF! This week on the blog I fangirled over Jennifer Harlow and that was pretty much it. Unfortunately, real work kicked my ass, but hey, it happens. Also, I've been playing around with the format on these TGIF posts, trying to make them more aesthetically pleasing, so let me know what you think. 
By the way, if any of you are planning to attend D.C.'s National Book Festival tomorrow then drop me a line on Twitter and let's arrange a meet up. Hope to see you there and have a happy weekend!

Bookish News
The first all-digital public library has opened its doors in Bexar County, Texas, revolutionizing the way we borrow books.
Are there any book descriptions that drive you crazy? I'd like to add "for fans of" to that list.
Gillian brilliantly breaks down which genres are which, which is super helpful!
And the sequel to The 5th Wave shall be called...
Author, Holly Black, talks about her book, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.
What's your YA name? You may now call me "Saphira Prior." Not too shabby, eh?

Entertainment News
Len Wiseman steps down as director of The Mummy reboot and Andres Muschietti (director of Mama) takes over instead.
John Green gives us a behind-the-scenes look at TFiOS movie.
Here are some updates on The Mortal Instruments movie franchise and why we might not see a sequel. (my movie review here)
Jack Black starring in a new Goosebumps movie? Hey! It could happen.
AMC announces a companion series to The Walking Dead.
And now it's time for some famous actors who hate their most famous roles.
Unfortunately for us Mad Men fans, the final season will be aired between 2014 & 2015. Bummer.
The most powerful final moments in cinematic history, guaranteed to make you cry.

Pop Culture!
Feeling blue? Then these villainous affirmation posters are sure to brighten your day, bitches!
This is what you get when Monty Python goes serious.
Bill Nye the Science Guy danced the cha-cha and I LOVED IT!
Which Harry Potter character best fits your personality type? I'm a Lily Evans-Potter.
I think I need to own these Plants vs Zombies lawn ornaments. Now if only I had an actual lawn!


  1. Ugh real life is SO rude sometimes.

    Have a fabulously amazing time at National Book Festival!

    1. It really is! If only work understood how much more important books and blogging are! Haha.

      Thanks, lady, and you have yourself a wonderful weekend too!

  2. TGIF lady, enjoy the book festival! Those Plants vs. Zombies Lawn Ornaments are too cute!

    1. If only I had my own lawn to put them in (I live in a condo)....

  3. Love your round up of links! My YA name is Katniss Ravenwood :)

    1. Thanks, ladies! Oooooh, now THAT is a good YA name! Totally loving it!

  4. My YA Name: Valentine Everdeen. I think yours is better. :) and OMG to those villain posters! hahaha The dalmatians one is the best/worst.


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