28 June 2013

TGIF / 25

Apologies for the seemingly random posting schedule, but like many of you, I haven't had the time or motivation to read/write as often as I'd like. I keep telling myself not to feel pressured because this is supposed to be fun, but it's hard not to. I'm hoping that the weekend will be filled with lots of nothingness so I can get myself caught up and back in a more relaxed state of mind. What's on your agenda, amigos?

Bookish News
Sacrilege or bookish works of art?

So it's been confirmed, Veronica Roth is going to release four e-stories from Four's POV.

Announcing Amazon's best books of 2013, so far. Do you agree with this list?

Legendary sci-fic author, Richard Matheson, has died.

A handy list of books to read before they hit the big screen. These are gonna be good!

Five facts about YA.

Book nerd approved greeting cards.

Entertainment News
A definitively comical ranking of Harry Potter dude hotness. Well, damn! It's about time!

A fun interview with Monsters University director, Dan Scanlon.

Here are the top ten most paused video moments.

This is the best of movie improv.

Oh god, World War Z is getting a sequel, but here's the real reason I refuse to watch it.

Pop Culture!
We've entered the fictional friendzone with these 20 fictional guys who should've gotten the girl. Aww!

Nerdy photographer, JD Hancock, creates geeky scenes with toys and they are FANTASTIC!

J Scott Campbell does these amazing character drawings and you should check them out.

If you've ever wanted to see exploding Disney princesses, well, here's your chance. Enjoy!


  1. I know what you mean, I wasn't blog hopping all week long and today I'm playing catch up as far as commenting.
    Those old book collages are just strange I think. And awwww...about the fictional guys who should have gotten the girl. Duckie definitely!

    1. Work has been, like, insane busy and unfortunately the last thing I wanna do when I get home is blog/read. I'm working through it though...

      Awww, Duckie! I heart him.


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