15 March 2013

TGIF / 17

Happy Friday, everyone! It's been a busy week and, so far, I haven't been able to get a lot of reading done. I plan on taking a much needed break to play catch-up and hopefully knock some shizz out. And to those of you who celebrate, Happy St. Patty's Day! Wear your green and be sure to drink plenty (and responsibly)! Sláinte!

Bookish News

This has got to be the best celeb-book porn EVER!

Amazon attempts to claim rights to popular bookish domain names and people are pissed.

Rita Moreno (of West Side Story notoriety) has written a memoir that reflects upon her salacious time on screen.

These itty bitty crochet literary crafts are positutely adorbs!

Do you struggle with using proper terminology when writing your reviews? Well, Parajunkee gives a quick refresher on fiction terminology.

At this point it looks like most of the Catching Fire portraits have been revealed. Which is your favourite?

Entertainment News

Willow celebrates its glorious 25th anniversary with some bonus DVD footage.

More accurate movie titles? I think so.

This is how Jurassic Park's Dilophosaurus came to be.

AMC launches their own movie streaming website at SXSW.

Pop Culture!

I smell dead people. No, seriously. Zombie cologne is a thing now, apparently.

Did you know that it was teen tech week?

Is political dissatisfaction the real reason behind the latest zombie craze? I have to say, I disagree.


  1. Wow, those crochet figures are super adorable!

    1. I know! I'm not quite talented enough to make them myself though, so I'll just have to suffice with buying them for now!

  2. Awwww...Willow! I used to love that movie! Eww about Zombie cologne. Those little crochet ami's are too cute.
    And OMG, I think I'd faint if I saw Johnny Depp looking like that in the book porn pic.
    Wow, the portraits are awesome. As annoying she is, Effie Trinket looks great.

    1. WILLOW! I will always have the fondest of memories of that movie. It's what I would watch as a kid when I'd stay home from school, sick. And yeah, zombie cologne. I'm morbidly tempted to buy it... just to know.

      I'd faint if I saw any/all of those celebs looking that way in the bookish porn.

  3. Thanks for the post from ParaJunkee. I can always use a refresher and now I have it booked marked too. She always has so many good blogging tips posts.

    Oh and Zombie cologne? That is weird and gross.

    1. Anytime, Kay! I'm always up for reading tips and tricks of the trade. Parajunkee's posts are always on the mark, indeed. And yes, zombie cologne. I'm morbidly curious about that one.

  4. Anonymous3/16/2013

    Zombie cologne? Wow! Can you picture the executive who pitched that idea? I'd love to see how that conversation would go.

    1. HA! I would've loved to be a fly on the wall in that room...


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