01 February 2013

TGIF / 13

Happy Friday, everyone! This has been a relatively uneventful week and I have little news for you, so let's get on with those glorious links from the interwebs. Oh and to those of you watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, all I can say is, I hope you're rooting for my hometown team!


Bookish News
NPR asks, "is the data gathered from e-readers useful to authors?" While I think there are definitely some merits to using e-reader data, I don't think that should be the sole driver for an author to craft a story. Authors need to write the story that THEY want to write, not the one that sales and marketing indicate should be written. Otherwise the beauty of creativity is lost in a sea of one-note plotlines.

Austenites, rejoice! Pride & Prejudice turned 200 years old on Monday. Still looking good, Mr. Darcy!

Being a big fan of heavy metal music, I was both surprised and elated to see Book Riot's article on fantastic bookish/heavy metal combinations.

It's unfortunate but the book blogging community has been plagued with a series of plagairism and copy scraping. You can read about Wendy of The Midnight Garden's experience and Naida of The Bookworm's experience. As a community, we need to be aware of the issue and help eachother out! Stay strong, ladies!

Entertainment News
Here's everything you need to know about Cory & Topanga's love child on the Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World. Still not sure how I feel about this.

I'm loving this macabre Sundance Film Festival short, The Apocalypse.

Googlemaps finds the set of Catching Fire. And now we all know what a Quarter Quell arena looks like!

Movie plotholes that ruin everything. Thanks, Buzzfeed.

Last week brought you Toy Story with real toys. This week brings you The Lion King in CGI.

Buy All The Things!

Don't get me wrong, I love zombies as much as the next girl but these undead teddy bears kind of have me freaked out.

Valentine's Day cards for bookish people.

And since I'm not one to resist super cute stationary, I've decided to bring back the old-fashioned, hand-written letter. What do you think?!


  1. Happy Weekend Nikki :) OMG, that teddy bear is scary!!!! I'd probably automatically throw it out a window if I saw it. ewwwww...those teeth. *gag* Aren't they afraid while making those and having them around?

    I used to love Boy Meets World, I didn't know there was a spinoff! The Book Riot article is pretty cool and thanks for the shout out :)

    1. Totally creepy, right?! I mean, they're art for sure but very grotesque. And yeah, I'm not sure I can get down with the spinoff. It's like The Carrie Diaries spinoff of Sex & The City... just let it be.

  2. Nice round up of links (and hey, I'm in there, too! Thanks for including us.)--I hadn't heard the NPR story but I'm off to check it out now.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Absolutely, Wendy. I believe that, being a part of the bookish community, we need to be aware of these issues and have eachother's backs. Sorry you had to go through all that but I am pleased to hear it was resolved.


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