09 November 2012

TGIF / 10

Hello friends! Hopefully you all made it through Hurricane Sandy relatively unscathed. Between the storm, getting pummelled at work and having the flu, it's been a rough couple of weeks around here. I figure a few internet distractions could be beneficial for my health (and sanity). Have a wonderful weekend!

Bookish News
Literary genius, F. Scott Fitzgerald, gives some great advice to his daughter.

Where has all the horror gone?

I have news... I'm in love. Well, in love with all of Folio Society's elegantly illustrated classic novels, that is. Don't judge me. It's still love.

This is why people read a lot.

Entertainment News

Here are the 50 best movies you've probably never seen. Which ones have you watched? Do you agree or disagree with the picks on this list?

I've been both anxiously and eagerly awaiting the trailer for World War Z (it's one of my favourite books of all time) but I'm not really sure how I feel about it. UPDATE: Now that I've seen the whole trailer, I just died a little on the inside. :(

Despite the letdown that is the World War Z trailer, there is hope in the zombie world. It's called Warm Bodies.

Writing Tips

On how to deal with criticism when it comes to your writing.

Not participating in NaNoWriMo this year? No worries! There are still ways to set reading/writing goals for yourself.

Pop Culture!
Okay, I'm so not ready for babies yet but I do think these pop-culture themed nurseries are quite clever and adorbs!

Artist, Noel Cruz, repaints character dolls to look more realistic. Creepy or amazing? I'll let you be the judge of that.

Folks, I give you... Banthapug.

1 comment:

  1. TGIF! That's cute about F. Scott Fitzgerald's advice to his daughter.
    I've never read World War Z. I checked out the movie list, and the only one I've seen is The Iron Giant. I think Steel Magnolias should be on there, although it was popular at one point, that was years ago, and not many have seen it since. Also, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, because Leo blew me away in that one.
    As far as the horror film genre, last night I was lucky enough to catch a program where Stephen King discussed his fav horror movies and the influence these films had on his work. I was glued to the tv. It was cool getting his take on the horror film genre, he also discussed the films made from his novels.


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