19 October 2012

TGIF / 8

As you know, friends, I had a pretty hard few weeks but I'd like to let you know that I'm back (in black) and ready to rock. I just want to take the time to thank all of you who sent me well wishes and gave me support in this tough time. You guys seriously are the best. THANK YOU! Should we ever get to meet in person, drinks are on me. Cheers! Have a happy weekend.

Bookish News

This is proof that there shouldn't be a book for everything.

Design Studio, Beshart, gathered creative minds from over 28 countries around the globe to create 100 book covers to fight illiteracy. Support the cause.

Entertainment News

The Season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead aired last Sunday and I missed it. DAMN YOU CABLE TV!

Ironically, zombies love The Walking Dead too.

Have you seen the trailer for the Carrie remake? Thoughts on whether it looks better or worse than the original?


Horrorgami? Go on...

Halloween movie facts to blow your mind.

Being my favourite holiday, I really take pride in originality and creativity when it comes to costumes. I think these movie-inspired costumes really hit the mark and are especially perfect for the fashion-saavy.


  1. I loved those 100 book covers, saw them a few weeks ago and want them to actually make the books. I know they are selling posters but...

    I will have to check out Horrogami.

    1. I know! Aren't they really cool!? Definitely take a look at the horrogami. He's so talented, making replicas of famous horror movie houses. So gorgeous!

  2. TGIF! Another remake of Carrie? I didn't enjoy the last one. The original is the BEST. OMG, The Walking Dead premier was realllly good. When you watch it, we have to discuss.

    Cool Halloween facts (that link kinda scared me...lol) Especially the Texas Chainsaw Massacre pic. I tried to watch that film once, and just could not stomach it.
    Glad to see you back!

    1. Thanks, Naida! I'm trying to look up the premiere online and if I can find it I'll let you know.

  3. Horrorgami!


    I love all these links :-)

    1. I knoooow, right?! So clever and talented!


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