21 September 2012

TGIF / 6

Greetings friends and apologies for the belated post! This week I've decided to try something a little different with my weekly TGIF post and I'd love for your feedback. Instead of a straight list of links I'm going to section them off by topic (books, movies, TV, etc) instead. So, what do you think? Better? Worse? Don't care because my header makes you miss ABC's old TGIF line-up? Sound off in the comments below!

Bookish News

I'm totally stoked to read Libba Bray's new book, The Diviners, and this era-tastic book trailer makes me even more excited to pick up a copy!

Someone really needs to reboot these children's classics like ASAP! Do it. Now.

Oh-Em-Gee! Machiavelli and DaVinci teaming up as a crime-fighting duo!? Somebody pinch me.

Entertainment News

Have I ever mentioned just how much I adore Woody Harrelson?

If you watch the show, Once Upon A Time, then you're definitely gonna wanna check out these stills from the Season 2 premiere.

Wanna get the behind-the-scenes know-how on visual effects? Then check out this making of the Game of Thrones VFX video. No worries if you're not all caught up (like me)--this video only shows footage from Season 1.

Buy All The Things!

All of my favourite Quentin Tarantino films in one action-packed blu-ray set!? Umm, yes please.

When it comes to bookish buys, I'm all about the quirky bookends. One of my favourite design blogs, Design*Sponge, has compiled the ultimate list of cool bookends in a variety of styles and price points.

Popcorn is synonymous with movie watching. It's practically a time-honoured tradition. So what could be better than having your own popcorn machine? How about one that shoots the popcorn into your mouth? C'mon, it's called the Popinator for crying out loud!

Pop Culture!

How amazing are these early "modeling" photos of Robin Williams?

Someone needs to make this girl famous like, NOW!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I figure there's nothing better than revisiting the scariest things from my childhood.

**Note: If any of you are going to be in the Washington DC area for the National BookFest, feel free to shoot me an email and we'll try to sync up on Saturday!

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  1. I always enjoy your TGIF posts. And very cool about ABC's old TGIF line-up image :)
    I like this setup, where you split the links.
    Enjoy your weekend :) The Popinator sounds great! lol


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