24 August 2012

TGIF / 2

Happy Friday, amigos! Check out what's on my radar this week:

01/ I bet you never thought you'd hear the Ghostbuster's theme played on floppy disk drives. This goes out to all my fellow nerds out there!

02/ As it turns out, Voldemort isn't such a bad guy afterall. Poor, misjudged villain.

03/ And speaking of Harry Potter, I'm somewhat surprised to learn that The Hunger Games series has just outsold the entire Harry Potter series.

04/ I'm really excited to see what renown director David Cronenberg has in store for us next. Check out what he has to say in this Cosmopolis interview.

05/ I adore the TV show Game of Thrones and would totally show my fandom by wearing this Game of Thrones inspired necklace.

06/ As a blogger, I found this Writer Unboxed article about the pressures of using social media super thought-provoking. What are your thoughts, fellow bloggers, on using Twitter and/or Facebook?

07/ I'm still not over my Hunger Games movie-mania and am having difficulty coming to terms with the sequel's November 2013 release date. Until then, at least I can rejoice in Catching Fire casting updates.

08/ Have you ever wanted to know what's behind every great novelist? I'll give you a hint: it's so true and super funny!

09/ I like big books and I cannot lie, you other readers can't deny. I can't rap so I'll just stop while I'm ahead.

10/ Okay, so I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey and don't really plan to but this article on why it's a bestseller makes me feel so much better.


  1. lol Happy Friday :) how nice of Voldemort!
    And I'm very surprised that The Hunger Games had outsold Harry Potter. The HP series is among my favorites.
    I read 50 Shades and was hopelessly sucked into the madness. I'm reading the second in the series now! It's trashy writing at its best IMO.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Anonymous8/26/2012

    No comment on Fifty Shades of Grey. :P

    I'm also surprised that Hunger Games has outsold Harry Potter. Certainly it's a popular series, but I didn't think it seems THAT popular. I might be a little bit biased though. I loved the Hunger Games, but I loved HP more.

    Speaking of which, I LOVE that Voldy graphic! I'm totally sharing it on Facebook. :P


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