31 August 2012

TGIF / 3

TGIF! Cheers to the long, holiday weekend everyone! Here is what's on my radar this week:

Olympia Le-Tan Clutch
01/ I am really loving Olympia Le-Tan's beautifully crafted, bookish clutches. It's also worth checking out her quirky and stylish tumblr for more bookish inspiration. B-E-A-UTIFUL!

02/ What do a stripper, a housewife and an orphan all have in common? Butter, apparently. Oh, who am I kidding? We all know I'll be watching this because it looks hilarious.

03/ I'm a bourgeoning writer, so I'm always happy to offer up some useful tips to my fellow scribes. For those of you who are looking to self-publish, here are 25 helpful things you need to know.

04/ Can a notebook be classified as "smart?" Well actually, yes it can. Leave it to Moleskin to design something super sleek, functional and technologically saavy. Now, if only I had a smartphone to go along with it!

05/ This one's for all you monster lovers out there--Hammer Films (of The Man in Black notoriety) has just launched their own Youtube channel. You can view trailers and even some full-length feature films for free! Unfortunately, it looks like this is only an option for the UK folks right now, so those of us in the USofA are going to have to sit tight for a little while longer.

06/ I would like a Penguin Classics pencil. Though they aren't nearly as groovy as my old Lisa Frank gear, they still make me long for those back-to-school days.

07/ Anyone who's a Bill Murray fan is sure to appreciate this short about his glorious film career told in Papercraft,

08/ Did you hear about Bic's new idiotic line of pens for women? Stupid, I know. I'm not just mad that they are marketing pens which are NO different than their regular ones for women--I'm madder about the fact that women buy into this shit! Atleast I can take comfort in knowing some women have an incredibly witty sense of irony about it all.

09/ The best book reviews money can buy? Allegedly, 1/3 of all consumer reviews on the internet are fake. And though this isn't new news, it still saddens me. Consumers are looking for honesty and integrity from reviewers, not just blind praise because they were paid to write it. This article has me feeling a bit jaded and certainly much more skeptical about trusting online reviews. Thoughts?

10/ I'm a HUUUUGE Disney fan, always have been. It kind of shocked me to see which flicks made it on to this Best/Worse Disney Animated Films list. I totally have to disagree with their rankings of Sleeping Beauty and Hercules! Which films make your best/worst list?

Honourable Mention: I saw something like this on a friend's post and thought it was a really great idea--highlighting other blogs. There's no better way of showing your appreciation and support in this community (because that's what this is) than by giving a shout-out to your fellow bloggers.

That being said, I think it's only appropriate that this week's shout-out goes out to my Aussie pal, Belle, of Belle's Bookshelf. What I really love about her (aside from the fact that we share a mutual obsession for The Princess Bride) is that she's not afraid to tackle the tough issues. In her post, Reviewing Books vs Authors, she makes her voice heard without letting emotion get the best of her. She gives her opinion without being snide or rude and that's really cool.

So here's to you, Belle! Stay calm and blog on, baby!

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  1. TGIF is right!! And a three day weekend is always delicious!
    Thanks for the links, I heart Bill Murray. That's sad about the fake reviews. I always give my honest opinion, good or bad.
    I love Disney films too. I do think however that Pocahontas was god awful. My favs are Little Mermaid and Lion King.
    Enjoy your weekend!


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