24 April 2013

Movie Review: Jurassic Park 3-D by Steven Spielberg

Title: Jurassic Park (3-D)
Director(s): Steven Spielberg
Genre(s): Adventure, Science Fiction
Rating: PG-13
Release Date (USA): April 6, 2013

"You never had control, that's the illusion! I was overwhelmed by the power of this place. But I made a mistake, too, I didn't have enough respect for that power and it's out now. The only thing that matters now are the people we love. Alan and Lex and Tim. John, they're out there where people are dying." -Dr. Ellie Sattler
Folks, the time has come for me to admit that I have a problem. As evidenced by references in so many of my earlier posts, I think I'm obsessed with Jurassic Park. (So much so that I made my hubby take me to see the re-release in theatres for my birthday). I'm just gonna warn you now that this review isn't really going to be a review at all. Instead, it'll probably look something like this:

All fangirling aside, I'm not really going to review the movie itself, but rather its conversion to a 3-D feature. Because let's be honest here... Jurassic Park is the shit and there is no arguing otherwise. End of story.

In today's day in age, seeing a film in 3-D isn't anything new. Who knew!? But where that might be super cool, this is also a time where studios are quick to give movies the 3-D treatment in post production rather unnecessarily. The unfortunate product of this greed-driven agenda is an often sloppy, subpar and rather uncomfortable viewing experience. As an avid movie-goer, this makes me all sorts of sad. So when I heard they were re-releasing Jurassic Park in 3-D, I was somewhat hesitant albeit still very excited. I remember seeing the original release in theatres so my expectations set the bar quite high.

Were they about to ruin one of my favourite features of all-time? Or were we in for cinema gold?

By the time I sat down on movie night with my liter of cola and Twizzlers, my nerves were shot. The lights dimmed and I watched it in my well-founded anticipation. In 3-D. And after two hours of in-your-face drama, the hubby and I walked out, all like:

Seriously, AMAZEBALLS! Words can't even describe how blown away I was by it. Next to Tron: Legacy, Jurassic Park was the best 3-D film (or any film) I've ever seen on the big screen. Fo' sho', ya'll. This is the real deal! Where in many cases, 3-D is used as a distraction technique, here it only serves to enhance the film's magical qualities. Just imagine all of this up in your face:

That's scary shit. But I digress.

StereoD took their time (over a year) with the conversion process and it really shows. Steven Spielberg is one of those painstakingly careful directors that has a mind and an eye for depth, detail and vision which only helped the film in this case. Jurassic Park strikes a careful balance between the CG effects and 3-D without coming across as being too much to handle. It breathes new life into the lush, exotic sets and adds a whole new level of thrills to the action that's culminating on screen. I really appreciated Spielberg's selectiveness on which scenes to present in 3-D---the initial dino reveal, the T-Rex escape, the Jeep chase, the Gallimimus herd, and raptor kitchen scene (among others)---they were all appropriately chosen and the new depth of field really added to the sense of wonder, awe and danger we as an audience felt.

In addition, we're privy to an added level of detail that we've never seen before. From the scales on the dinosaurs to the patterns and textures in the scenery, it's enough to make the already impressive CGI seem even more real. Jurassic Park was already at the top of its film-making game when it combined digital effects and animatronics. It's a happy surprise to see that 3-D didn't detract from the from the movie at all, in fact, the effect was just the opposite---it enhanced it. The added layers intensified my viewing experience to the max and allowed me to feel the same sense of imagination and wonder as the first time I saw it on the big screen. THIS is what the technology was created for, my friends! 

Also, Jeff Goldblum in all of his shirtless glory in 3-D doesn't hurt either.

Summary Prognosis
 Jurassic Park is exactly the type of movie that's meant to be seen in 3-D! The attention to detail and careful conversion process gives new meaning to movie magic and helps to create a heightened sense of depth and added drama. This movie was a vision that was expertly executed and is beyond worthy. It's even enough to justify the few extra dollars on the hefty price of admission. So what are you waiting for? GO SEE IT NOW!

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Gahhhh, I need to see this. I'm not a fan of 3-D just for gimmicks, but this sounds awesome and very well-done. :D

    1. Oh yes! If there is ANY movie worth seeing in 3-D, it's this one, for sure!

  2. Ohh I'm glad the 3D worked! I haven't seen it because I was worried but it's good to know it's awesome.

    1. Most definitely, Belle. The cinematography was AH-MAZING!

  3. I love Jeff Goldblum so that doesn't hurt to see him on the big screen! I'm glad you enjoyed this, great birthday! Like you I think that sometimes when they remake movies for 3D it doesn't always turn out great. This sounds really good though! I can only imagine some of those intense scenes in 3-D making me jump even though I now what is coming. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, I watched it like a billion times since I was younger. I will have to try and convince my husband that we need to see this in theaters!

    1. You're definitely missing out if you pass it up, Kay! TRUST ME. It's totally worth every penny!

      ::Sigh:: Jeff Goldblum is glorious, even more so in 3-D.

  4. lol Nikki, I'm a big fan of the Jurassic Park franchise myself. Hubby and I went on a date night to see the second installment in the theater way back when :O)
    The 3-D version sounds amazing and OMG about the raptor kitchen scene. Another fav scene is the "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" T-Rex Jeep chase. Jeff Goldblum does rock and Happy Birthday to you :)

    1. First, thanks for the b-day wishes! Secondly, seriously, go see it. You won't regret it!


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